Saturday, December 31, 2011

Computer Services - Avoiding Viruses

Of all the computer services we provide in the Roanoke Va area, by far the most popular is virus removal.

Quite often of late I’m asked, "What can I do to prevent a virus infecting my computer?"

The simplest answer I can offer is - do NOT click on any “Pop-Ups!”

Virus protection has become so good lately that the virus writers have to “trick” you into basically inviting them into your computer. They rely on human nature – our wanting to get rid of what's blocking us from doing whatever we’re doing by clicking on the red "X" or the "Cancel" button. When we do this, we send a user-generated response which opens the gate on the firewall, and the virus just walks right in and sits right down.

So how do we g rid of the Pop-Up without clicking on it? Use the old "Ctrl-Alt-Del" key combination - a menu appears, one of the options is "Task Manager." Simply highlight the Pop-Up, and click "End Task." This will prevent the user-generated input the virus requires to infect your computer.

Should you get a virus infection, please call or email us to remove the infection and get your computer up & running again.

We can be reached at (540) 330-4279 or by email at

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It is our pleasure to offer quality computer services in the beautiful Roanoke, Va area.

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