Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is Microsoft Making 2 Big Mistakes?

Will Microsoft’s move into tablet sales alienate the computer manufacturers that made their fortune? They don’t HAVE to put Windows on that new hardware!

With the economy being what it is (and has been for several years), the open-source community again offers up Linux distros, most of which are FREE, as alternatives to Microsoft’s cash-cow.

David Meyer posted an article this week on the opening door for Linux.

I have used Linux as well as Windows for several years. What usually holds Windows users back from migrating to the free operating system is the learning curve.

Having spent some time with the early preview releases of Windows 8, the learning curve is going to hit us anyway. For starters, 8 doesn’t have the familiar “Start” button we’ve embraced since Windows 95. Took me a while to figure out how to navigate using the new start screen!

With a learning curve thus being inevitable, this could be the widest door-opening yet for Linux to cross the threshold. The other option would be to hold on to Windows 7 (and for some of us, even XP) for a few more years.

More to come on this subject for sure.

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